Welcome Home Angel

Welcome Home Angel

5 Episodes

Welcome Home Angel takes home makeovers beyond physical spaces to transform the lives of deserving families. In each episode, meet a family that celebrates the uniqueness of their child with special needs, and is ready for the challenging spaces in their home to do the same. Interior design personality Meg Caswell is a board member of Wilmington based non-profit charity Welcome Home Angel, and teams up with local designers to carry out the organization’s mission. Watch as the abilities of beautiful design are pushed to change each family’s life with uplifting, functional, one-of-a-kind spaces. Visit www.welcomehomeangel.com to learn more and get involved.

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Welcome Home Angel
  • Netta's Family Time Redesign

    Episode 1

    Netta is a strong and beautiful young girl with cerebral palsy who has recently learned to walk. She loves spending time with her parents Matt and Annetta spinning on her swing in her playroom and unwinding from the day with a bubble bath. With Netta growing and on the move, her favorite spaces a...

  • Amanda's Playful Independence

    Episode 2

    Amanda is a fun-loving girl who had a neonatal stroke while in utero and is learning her stride through therapeutic horse riding. As Amanda enters her teenage years, she is in need of her own grown-up spaces that offer more independence, without sacrificing any fun. In this episode, Welcome Home ...

  • Julia's Place for Everyone

    Episode 3

    Julia is a sweet five-year-old girl who is dependent on her caregivers and medical equipment and is surrounded by the support of her amazing family. Julia's mother Joani and three siblings would do anything for Julia, and their home has become a testament of their devotion, with all the necessiti...

  • Zachary’s Happy Place

    Episode 4

    Zachary is a nature-loving eighteen-year-old quadriplegic boy with epilepsy and a seizure disorder whose happiness is infectious. He is dependent on the care of his grandparents and the rest of the household which is why the whole family is in need of spaces that are easier to navigate. Follow al...

  • Samuel’s Colorful Safe Haven

    Episode 5

    Samuel is a young boy with a chromosome deletion who loves learning about science and being around animals. In this meaningful home renovation, Samuel is one of three special children. Samuel’s brother Tristan and sister Violet all have high-functioning autism and depend on their firefighter and ...