2 Seasons

Meet Mia, a designer who travels city-to-city for her clients, upcycling antiques and special finds to redecorate amazing spaces. She will show you the business, the process, the aesthetic and the story behind Mia.Malcolm.

  • Antiques to Keep

    Episode 1

    Without having to look too far, Mia gathers sentimental in-home finds that she can upcycle for her Danville, CA client's living and dining room. Watch as she turns a college coffee table and chairs stashed in the garage into stylish, new conversation pieces filled with memories.

  • New Beginnings

    Episode 2

    Follow Mia Malcolm as she takes you on a "before" tour of a client's home and shares her creative vision for enhancing and updating the kitchen and living room. Check out the drawings that will come to life through Mia's plan to reinvent these spaces, incorporating new and repurposed pieces for a...

  • Roadside Furniture

    Episode 3

    Mia takes Upcycling to a whole new level when she discovers a hidden treasure on the side of the road, giving a discarded sofa new life as a chic, upholstered bench. What other surprises does she have in store for her clients? Join Mia at the Cabinet Shop as she tracks the progress of custom cabi...

  • 10 Yards of Fabric

    Episode 4

    Being a mama means juggling a lot and getting smart with your use of high design. Watch as Mia uses under 10 yards of fabric in 3 spaces, UpCycling a client's current furnishings with flair.

  • Industrial Chic Kitchen Reveal

    Episode 5

    New beginnings don't happen overnight. A vision, a great team and 5 months of hard work produce a warm spin on this Industrial Chic farmhouse kitchen.

  • Roadside to Fireside

    Episode 6

    With her roadside sofa (now fireside bench) and Grandma's chairs upcycled and in place, Mia reveals the freshly designed Hogan family room.