Tiny BNB: Season 4

Tiny BNB: Season 4

4 Seasons

Levi Kelly is the ultimate adventure-seeker in pursuit of America’s most unique one-night stays. Each episode, Levi is on a mission to search out the smallest, coziest, and sometimes most unconventional stays on the vacation rental market. Levi brings you inside the most exotic bed and baths in the US, from snow covered yurts to reimagined shipping containers. Each episode uncovers unique tiny stays that will leave you seeking your own call to adventure.

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Tiny BNB: Season 4
  • Tiny Boutique BNBs

    Episode 1

    Levi heads to the foothills of New York's Adirondack mountains to check out two boutique stays on AKaydia Estate. Surrounded by scenic views, Hickory Outlook is a modern getaway that boasts a tall pitched roof, a beautiful heated patio and amenities including a fire pit, hot tub and sauna. For a ...

  • Mini Mountain ModCabins

    Episode 2

    Levi discovers Scandinavian style in the mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina. The ModCabins offer sleek, modern design mixed with rustic elements that echo the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. A nature lover’s haven, these cozy cabins feature charming open-air decks, retro wood...

  • Tiny Getaways for Two

    Episode 3

    It’s a romantic getaway when Levi and Savannah arrive in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, the site of two show-stopping tiny homes at Tiny Stays Berlin. The Lux boasts a striking geometric exterior with a butterfly roof and expansive deck. Inside, the 12-foot ceiling conceals a 90-inch projecto...

  • Magic Among the Trees

    Episode 4

    Levi shares his mind-blowing experience at the Emerald Forest Treehouse in Redmond, Washington. Featured on Treehouse Masters, this two-story tiny home among the evergreens is accessed by a 55-foot suspended bridge and surrounded by an expansive wraparound deck and 40-foot high crow’s nest. Levi’...

  • Wee Cabins in the Woods

    Episode 5

    Levi visits two tiny cabins with similar square footage, but very different aesthetics. Kapwa Cabin in Swannanoa, NC is inspired by a Filipino concept of the same name. “Kapwa” loosely translates to “kindred” and refers to the shared identity that instructs us to care for each other. In this spir...

  • Adventures in A-Frames

    Episode 6

    “A” is for adventure when Levi heads to Stanford, Maine and Jeffersonville, New York to stay in two uniquely situated A-frame tiny homes. The Sky Frame treehouse in Stanford is aptly named for its unique position at eye level with the surrounding trees and forest, accessed by a spiral staircase a...

  • Creative Container Homes

    Episode 7

    Levi’s on the lookout for container homes that reach new heights in Lincoln, Nebraska and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lincoln’s 480 square-foot urban tiny house features a cool, modern configuration: three 20-foot shipping containers stacked to create two stories with a rooftop deck overlooking the c...

  • Dockside Destinations

    Episode 8

    Levi heads for dockside destinations in Providence, Rhode Island and Wolcott, Vermont and discovers one of his most unique stays yet: a 1950’s tugboat transformed into a truly tiny bnb. The Aulneau, built in 1956 by the Canadian Coast Guard, is docked at a private marina and features living and s...

  • Texas Tiny Cabins

    Episode 9

    Levi checks out a charming tiny house community nestled on 40 acres in Denison, Texas. This picturesque property is adorned with picnic tables, hammocks, tree swings and six tiny cabins, perfect for vacationing solo or with a large group of friends and family. True to their roots, these cozy cabi...

  • Curated Containers

    Episode 10

    Levi visits two shipping container homes that are far apart geographically, but share a similar sleek and modern vibe. Both the Nova Cottage in Ohio and the Green Creek Shipyard in North Carolina feature beautifully designed 40-foot long floorplans, plenty of outdoor living, and recreational amen...