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The Daily Dose

23 Episodes

The Daily Dose is the snackable, social and hyper-entertaining home design series dropping straight into your living room. From entertaining to organizing, our A-team of interior designers and lifestyle experts are giving you the scoop on all things home. For every occasion or home project, these pros show you how to tackle home styling and design hacks that will take your space to a whole new level.

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The Daily Dose
  • Home Hacks: Convertible Seating

    Interior designer, Mitch Danforth challenges the idea that you need to have a club chair or spot on the sofa for every guest when hosting a crowd. Watch as he unveils the three convertible seating elements to have on hand to provide ample seating in a pinch.

  • Design Lab: Paint

    We’ve all had that moment in our local home improvement when the simple intention of a fresh coat of paint for our space quickly got complicated by a sea of paint chips. Not to worry, this Design Lab features everything you need to know about paint. Jason Oliver Nixon from lifestyle brand Madcap ...

  • Entertain Me: Elevating Your Tablescape

    Creating a beautiful tablescape ahead of a dinner party is the perfect way to set the scene to wow your guests. Boutique residential interior designer, Liz Carroll walks you through all the dining essentials plus reveals ways you can mix things up and bend the rules to create a stunning and uniqu...

  • Easy Living: Outdoors In

    The benefits of bringing plants into your home go beyond the visual perks of pops of vibrant colors and organic shapes, to improving the quality of your day-to-day. Follow along as interior stylist and true southern girl, Carley explains why there’s always room to grow when styling your space.

  • Throwback Trends: Mustard

    We’ve all seen the various color waves come and go in decor and fashion. In this Daily Dose, Vintage huntress, Ariene Bethea breaks down the history of mustard and reveals where we’ve seen a recent resurgence of this trendy hue.

  • Home Hacks: Infusions of White

    The amount of white incorporated in a room can have a bigger impact on the look and feel of a space than you might think. Mitch explains the effects of this staple hue, and shares how to infuse it in your space in unexpected ways.

  • Design Lab: Flooring

    The foundation of a good room design starts with the flooring, and Jason Oliver Nixon helps decipher the right footing for your space. Explore the most common materials plus learn to break tradition with concrete, tile and even painted floors. Which materials are the most sustainable, and which a...

  • Entertain Me: Creative Ways to Serve

    Putting together fun appetizers and delicious snacks can be the best part of planning your party, but you don’t have to run out and buy an expensive serving piece for each delectable treat. Liz has you covered with these clever serving ideas, simply using items you have around the house.

  • Easy Living: Blue

    It’s true. The colors you incorporate throughout your home can affect your mood, which is why it’s no surprise the calm inducing shade, blue is a universally loved hue. In this Easy Living Carley reveals how to incorporate big splashes or subtle hints of this peaceful color throughout your space.

  • Throwback Trends: Shag

    When we think of shag our memories from the 70’s may not leave us with warm and fuzzy feelings, but this episode of Daily Dose may change your perception. Ariene reveals how this trend originated, and shares the sleek modern approach to this textured trend that may convert even the biggest shag s...

  • Home Hacks: Crate Art

    When it comes to decorating your walls, think outside of the box! Crate art works with any style of decor to add interest, texture and dimension. Create your own statement wall with Mitch’s easy how-to.

  • Design Lab: Countertops

    With so many countertop options in the marketplace, Jason Oliver Nixon helps explore which one is right for you. From classic surfaces like granite and marble to trending tops like concrete and butcher block, discover the benefits of each material. Follow along to create a look that will stand th...

  • Entertain Me: Personalizing Your Party

    The key to a memorable party is all about the details that make the experience personal. Liz Carroll shares her three easy tips for leaving a lasting impression on your guests that are sure to make your next gathering the talk of the town.

  • Easy Living: Bedding

    A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and well-being, which is why Carley is breaking down the importance of bedding. Watch now to find out which material helps cool you down and which fabrics get better with age, plus learn Carley Summers' top bedding pick that will have you tucked aw...

  • Throwback Trends: Animal Print

    Is animal print the new neutral? Ariene deep dives into these popular prints, uncovering the first uses of animal furs in the home. Follow along to learn how to incorporate these unique and statement patterns throughout your home.

  • Home Hacks: Staging Areas

    One of the most common causes of clutter are the scattered items flowing in and out of the home. Mitch has your solution, explaining how a staging area with a low maintenance system can bring order to the chaos. His motto: “Let the stuff live where the stuff lives and let the people live where th...

  • Entertain Me: Glassware

    Serving drinks in the proper glassware can take your entertaining game up a notch, but stocking your cabinets with all the different types, shapes and sizes available can be overwhelming… and pricey! Liz simplifies the selection, sharing the key glasses to have on hand to impress your guests.

  • Easy Living: Quiet Corner

    Every home should have a place where its inhabitants can find rest and peace. Relaxing and unwinding can look different for everyone, but Carley shares how this simple but significant luxury is easily attainable with the right environment.

  • Design Lab: Rugs

    Jason Oliver Nixon answers the number one question he receives about rugs: How much rug should you have in a room? Follow along in this Design Lab for his top rug tips including selecting the right size and shape for your space, plus the art of styling and layering.

  • Home Hacks: How to Style A Bookshelf

    Elevate your bookshelf with Mitch’s simple tips and tricks for creating balanced and beautiful shelves. Mitch walks you through section by section to create a cohesive collection of your favorite reads and decor.

  • Design Lab: Artwork

    We all love the idea of hanging beautiful art on our walls, but the thought of actually pulling out the hammer and committing to a nailhole can intimidate us into settling for bare walls. Jason Oliver Nixon shares his simple tips for hanging art that eliminate the guesswork from picking the perfe...

  • Entertain Me: Entertaining With Bar Carts

    Bar carts are the workhorse of furniture when it comes to entertaining. Make the most of this essential entertaining piece with Liz Carroll’s tips for a classic cart stocked with drinks, plus learn how to transform your cart to a dessert bar with a few simple tweaks.

  • Design Lab: Performance Fabrics

    Episode 23

    Performance fabrics have changed the fabric selecting game due to their ability to stand up to the elements AND your household. Jason Oliver explains what sets these fabrics apart, and the modern benefits of incorporating them in both indoor and outdoor spaces.