The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living

7 Episodes

Ever wonder what it's like to live in a big city? From Michelin star restaurants and celebrity sightings to busy streets and hidden gem homes, intrigue with big city life knows no bounds. Caleb Simpson gets an inside look at how people make their homes (and afford them!), starting with a simple question: "How much do you pay for rent?"

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The Cost of Living
  • Crazy Vehicle Conversions: From Ambulance to "Apartment"

    Episode 1

    Caleb Simpson hits the streets of Brooklyn to tour two unexpected vehicles turned into temporary living quarters. Elijah's bright blue ambulance, bought on a government auction website, cost him $20,000 all-in including a six-month renovation. The result? A cozy home on wheels with a full-size pu...

  • Peculiar Pads: Laundromat Living

    Episode 2

    Caleb heads to Lower Manhattan to visit Akasha, whose larger-than-life personality just narrowly fits into her small, $350/month studio apartment. A lifelong resident of her building, Akasha knows all the angles for living big in a tiny space. Next, Sampson welcomes Caleb to his 800 square-foot, ...

  • Micro Living: Midtown Manhattan Studios

    Episode 3

    Caleb discovers what might be the smallest studio apartment in Midtown Manhattan! At 80 square-feet, Alaina's more-than-modest abode feels like a walk-in closet outfitted with a small kitchenette, a mini couch and a lofted bed area with just enough headspace above the mattress. And according to A...

  • Micro Living: A Place for Everything

    Episode 4

    Caleb discovers the value of "a place for everything" while visiting Alex's tiny 95 square-foot apartment in Lower Manhattan. Organization and a unique perspective are key for Alex, who finds variety in sitting at the same small table three different ways depending on whether he is working, eatin...

  • A Window Into Williamsburg: Modern vs. Bohemian

    Episode 5

    Caleb heads to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to take in the bright, open-floorplan apartments of two fun-loving couples. Aaron and Hannah's $2,900/month modern space boasts high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe their all-white living space in natural light, bright pops of color, and a float...

  • Influencer Abodes: Haley Kalil & Kelly Wakasa

    Episode 6

    Caleb drops in on some of his favorite influencers for a look around their Manhattan digs. First up, Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil's office space-turned-luxe $17,000/month apartment, features massive glass entryway doors, vaulted ceilings and a dramatic, arched window reminiscent of Dr. St...

  • Philosophies on Home: Sandy & Nikki

    Episode 7

    Positivity rules the day when Caleb stops in to visit Sandy, a bright 24-year-old originally from the Dominican Republic and now residing in Brooklyn's low-income housing. For Sandy and his family, who previously shared a single bed, their apartment in the "projects" was not just an upgrade, but ...