The Chin Twins

The Chin Twins

6 Episodes

Esteemed high fashion models, globally recognized yogis, mothers, and food connoisseurs; The ChinTwins are bringing you behind the camera and into the kitchen, revealing what mealtime with identical twins Kimmy and Crissy really looks like. From fun family recipes, entertaining, pantry stocking and living life in harmony & balance, each episode ends in a tasty dish chock full of flavor and life lessons.

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The Chin Twins
  • Connect To Your Roots

    Episode 1

    Reconnecting with your roots is an essential stepping stone for knowing where you’re going, whether that’s in the kitchen or through sacred family traditions. Crissy and Kimmy celebrate their Chinese heritage by cooking up yummy dumplings with ingredients from a local market whose owners live out...

  • Unlock Your Creativity

    Episode 2

    As mothers, yogis, and chefs, Crissy and Kimmy are constantly working hard to preserve creative energy. Watch as the Chin Twins investigate the balance between hard work and creative play with a fun dinner fiesta for the whole family, featuring delicious local ingredients and party attire. Work h...

  • Organize to Empower

    Episode 3

    Busy, unorganized lives are the gateway to a home that is cluttered and stressful, something moms Crissy and Kimmy know first hand. By taking inventory and organizing what has accumulated in the home, the twins make room for calm and restoration. Then, Crissy and Kimmy go head to head in a kitche...

  • Soak in the Self Love

    Episode 4

    For these busy working moms who are constantly giving, it is vital to also receive – you can’t pour out of an empty cup. Kimmy and Crissy bust the myth that self care is selfish, and demonstrate small ways to incorporate love into your daily routine. Using salt in nature, in the kitchen, and even...

  • Speak Your Truth

    Episode 5

    Just like breathing, the giving and receiving of ideas is essential to life. Join the Chin Twins as they explore a local bakery and get expert tips for making the perfect loaf. Crissy and Kimmy take their new knowledge to the kitchen to make two delicious types of bread using the same core ingred...

  • Use Your Intuition

    Episode 6

    One of the hallmarks of an intentional life is trusting yourself enough to let go. While it is hard to give up control of the day, there are simple ways we can root ourselves, starting with spending time in nature. Join the Chin Twins as they balance out their doshas in a garden gathering ingredi...