Southern Glam

Southern Glam

4 Episodes

Interior designer Shayla Copas is best known for her ability to woo--and wow!--clients with her signature style: the spot on the design spectrum where Old Hollywood Glamour and timeless southern tradition meet. Or, as she likes to call it "Southern Glam." It's a look that melds transitional design, soft punches of color and a focus on southern hospitality...with just the right amount of sparkle. In each episode, watch as Shayla takes a room in her client's home from bland to glam, southern style!

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Southern Glam
  • An Artist's Retreat

    Episode 1

    As a busy professional artist, Sarah spends her days conjuring creative genius...but has little left to spare for designing the master bedroom in her new condo. Her dream space is a sanctuary that allows her to take a break from work and recharge, but that also reflects her colorful, creative, an...

  • An Entertaining Enclave

    Episode 2

    Aaron is a southerner at heart, but his growing career as a makeup artist meant purchasing a second home close to work in New York City. Now, he wants to bring elements of southern charm up north, to the dining space in his new condo. While style is a top priority, so is practicality -- Aaron lov...

  • A Designer Dressing Room

    Episode 3

    Sarah's a southern socialite who needs a dressing room that stands up to her jam-packed wardrobe...and her jam-packed social calendar. She's recently added a new, but small, space to her master suite where her glam-squad can help her prep for parties, and her favorite bags, shoes, and accessories...

  • A Light & Bright Living Room

    Episode 4

    We're back home with Aaron! When this up-and-coming makeup artist isn't at his condo in New York, he's at his sprawling home down south. His dining room makeover in the city has inspired him to push the boundaries in his permanent space, too. His goals: to lighten up his living room, and infuse i...