Sort It Out

Sort It Out

6 Episodes

All across America homeowners need help getting organized, but with busy lives and families, restoring order at home can feel overwhelming. It’s time to get rid of the clutter! From creating systems to parting ways with junk, the Home Sort sisters transform spaces from chaos to clutter-free with innovative solutions for every room. Goodbye mess and hello fresh start! It’s time to Sort it Out.

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Sort It Out
  • Cleaned Up Kitchen Chaos

    Episode 1

    For Charmaine and Cameron's growing family, the kitchen has become the center of chaos. With one active kiddo and another on the way, this couple is struggling to maintain order in the busiest space in the house. In just a few simple steps, Brandie and Ryan edit, decant, and transform their kitch...

  • Clutter Busted Closet

    Episode 2

    From the outside, Whitney and Justin have a beautifully designed, Instagram-worthy home. But step into their bedroom closet, and clutter lurks behind each door! The Home Sort team steps up to the challenge to organize this couple’s crowded closet, easing their morning routine and lessening their ...

  • Bathroom Revamp

    Episode 3

    For Gus and Judy, having plentiful cabinet space has turned from a spacious dream to a crowded mess. The Home Sort sisters rethink their bathroom organization from top to bottom, placing and labeling everything with intention. With the right systems, this charming couple will have no trouble find...

  • Laundry Room Hack

    Episode 4

    With four active boys, Alex and Amanda's family of six is losing their grip on their multipurpose laundry room. From crafts to cats, there is a little bit of everything … except order. By integrating systems the whole family can maintain, Brandie and Ryan turn this catch-all corner of the house i...

  • Calming the Kids' Room

    Episode 5

    Multiple kids often means shared bedroom spaces, which can be a recipe for a mess! Melinda and William have two young girls who share everything … clothes, toys, shoes, and even their room. Brandie and Ryan come to the rescue to sort it all out, even adding a few touches of decor to take this swe...

  • Out of Office

    Episode 6

    Working from home is great until you’re surrounded by a cramped, cluttered space that leads to zero productivity. With a home office that doubles as company headquarters, Erin and Ron's mess is more than they can handle. Brandie and Ryan bring purpose back to their beautiful office by creating a ...