5 Episodes

Welcome to Sleighed, the ultimate holiday makers showdown! Settle in with a cozy cup of cocoa as TDN and Michaels Stores put expert crafters head-to-head to create gorgeous, curated holiday décor in a showdown that never leaves the living room. With delectable DIY, stunning trees, and fireplace décor fit with all the trimmings ... each episode throws two holiday competitors an unforgettable seasonal challenge you won’t want to miss.

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  • Trimming the Tree

    Episode 1

    Timber! Dillon and Patra go head to head to put their personal flair on an over-the-top tree topper they’ll have to keep from toppling over. Then, the tree must be trimmed from tip to toe. Who’s holiday dreams will come crashing down?

  • Chestnuts Roasting

    Episode 2

    The fireplace is the heart of the home - and things are about to get toasty. Shaunda and Elizabeth, two expert decorators, put their DIY skills to the test when tasked with crafting a holiday message for the fireplace before giving their mantlescape a full holiday facelift. Someone will win, and ...

  • Deck the Door

    Episode 3

    It’s all about first impressions in this door decorating challenge that’s as much fun for you as it is for your neighbors. Wreaths are wrangled and doors are decked as Alexa and Courtney battle to reign seasonally supreme. But when a curveball comes knocking, who will be the winner who answers th...

  • Season of Giving

    Episode 4

    Personalized gifts are back in style, and this challenge proves that sometimes giving is even more fun than receiving. It’s rookie Skylar vs. veteran Brooke in this gift wrapping showdown. But when unconventional materials are thrown into the holiday mix, who will have the skills to wrap it all up?

  • Winter Break Baking

    Episode 5

    It’s the sweetest part of the holiday season! From cookies to gingerbread scenes, watch as two mother-daughter teams ice their way to victory. Which sweet squad will secure their decorating destiny? The cookie is about to crumble for one team!