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It's Like Drywalling an Igloo

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Save Our Shed

Cotswold Cottage

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  • It's Like Drywalling an Igloo

    Contractor Michael Murray races against the clock to transform a plain-jane 10 x 16-foot shed into a charming cotswold-style cottage in the scenic countryside of Lexington, Kentucky. In this fast-paced episode he and his crew, including the inimitable Fast Eddie, tackle doors, windows and paint a...

  • Casual Country

    Sticks and stones may break our bones, but not in bluegrass country. It's time for the crew to buckle down and conquer the landscaping, but regular ol' plants and flowers simply won't do for this setting. This cotswald cottage calls for English countryside landscaping, complete with a stone path ...

  • Fast Forward

    With a $3,000 budget and less than 24 hours to go, Michael and his crew shift into high gear. They throw down new flooring in record time, pop into a local flea market for a few roadside finds, and refinish an antique chair with help from an unlikely source - an energetic group of teenagers. They...