Save Our Shed

Save Our Shed

5 Episodes

It's a renovation show. It's a design show. It's a reality show. Outdoor sheds can be a quick solution for extra storage, but they are so dang UGLY. Our hosts Michael Murray and Ricky Paull Goldin and their team of diehard contractors are ready to throw down a blistering weekend makeover that turns a boxy eyesore into a cottage of dreams in 48 hours.

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Save Our Shed
  • Cotswold Cottage

    Episode 1

    When hosts Michael and Ricky get an SOS call from Lexington, Kentucky, they hightail it to the bluegrass country. Their client, Lucy, was renovating an old farmhouse in a picturesque country setting when her husband knocked down their dilapidated garage and parked an unsightly storage shed in its...

  • It's Like Drywalling an Igloo

    Episode 2

    Contractor Michael Murray races against the clock to transform a plain-jane 10 x 16-foot shed into a charming cotswold-style cottage in the scenic countryside of Lexington, Kentucky. In this fast-paced episode he and his crew, including the inimitable Fast Eddie, tackle doors, windows and paint a...

  • Casual Country

    Episode 3

    Sticks and stones may break our bones, but not in bluegrass country. It's time for the crew to buckle down and conquer the landscaping, but regular ol' plants and flowers simply won't do for this setting. This cotswald cottage calls for English countryside landscaping, complete with a stone path ...

  • Fast Forward

    Episode 4

    With a $3,000 budget and less than 24 hours to go, Michael and his crew shift into high gear. They throw down new flooring in record time, pop into a local flea market for a few roadside finds, and refinish an antique chair with help from an unlikely source - an energetic group of teenagers. They...

  • Where's My Shed?

    Episode 5

    It's go time! Lucy's husband, Danny, is due home any minute from his weekend away. He's in for the surprise of his life when he pulls into the driveway. Danny has no idea that the obnoxious shed he deposited in their backyard has undergone a complete transformation during his absence. Although Lu...