Rucker's Reno

Rucker's Reno

6 Episodes

Darius Rucker is transforming a historical mansion in downtown Charleston from a vacant city landmark with a checkered past, into a modern treasure for his family to enjoy for years to come. Rucker’s Reno stares history in the face, but takes a unifying, positive approach to the way America has evolved socially and culturally through the lens of home design.

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Rucker's Reno
  • No Place Like Home

    Episode 1

    Darius Rucker brings together an all-star team to transform a historic mansion in Charleston, South Carolina, the city that he calls home. While construction starts on the kitchen, Darius meets up with his pal, chef Jamie Hough, for a little fishing and a Lowcountry cooking lesson.

  • Sweet Tea & Southern Hospitality

    Episode 2

    Hospitality takes center stage when a Victorian ballroom gets a modern makeover, and Darius spends time with his new neighbors enjoying Charleston's famous sweet tea along with some really beautiful and unique accessories.

  • Dinnertime Down South

    Episode 3

    Family traditions shine bright as the dining room gets its moment in the spotlight and Darius explores Charleston's unique food and farming culture.

  • Unwinding & Weaving

    Episode 4

    Rest and relaxation are front and center as the master suite gets a new look and Darius unwinds with friends on Charleston Harbor. Darius also meets some local artisans, and one is gracious enough to teach him the art of basket weaving.

  • Hitting the High Notes

    Episode 5

    Art and culture come together when a former vault is transformed into Darius' sacred space - the ultimate music room. Darius meets up with Charleston-based musicians as well as renowned painter Jonathan Green.

  • Making History

    Episode 6

    The Rucker home is finally ready for its big Charleston debut, and Darius can't wait for everyone to see it and celebrate. But before the party starts, he makes a little time for a quick 18-holes.