5 Episodes

Nested in the charming beachside town of Wilmington, North Carolina is a unique community of individuals. Among them, a special crew of painters and contractors – but that’s just the beginning of their story. Each day that they pick up their tools and their paint brushes and head out the door, they make a choice. Each day, they decide to be better than yesterday. Each day, they pursue a new kind of life through the support of their Chosen Family.

  • Soul Mates

    Episode 1

    Meet Tara and Shannon, dream-makers and life-savers. These married business partners have spent the last decade creating a thriving company dedicated to rehabbing homes and lives. From full kitchen remodels to refinishing antique decor, this duo pursues excellence in their work and lives - driven...

  • Maegan's Reconnection

    Episode 2

    Maegan found freedom in art and rediscovered her creativity the moment she picked up a brush and started painting with Of the Essence. Together, Maegan and Tara create intricate wall and ceiling faux finish designs that leave clients in awe. From baroque walls to silver ceilings, Meagan reconnect...

  • Casey's Shadows Turned Light

    Episode 3

    Casey is the backbone and stronghold of Of the Essence, with an unforgettable go-getting drive that precedes her work and spirit. Reuniting with Tara and Shannon fostered Casey’s passion for excellence, and for a life well-lived. Casey takes on stunning stencil work as she steps into her confiden...

  • Christopher's Creativity

    Episode 4

    Christopher’s passion for music was buried under years of regret and hard choices. Re-igniting his spirit for creation, Chris unearths his artistic talent by joining the Of the Essence team. A natural with instruments; it didn’t take long for Chris to master the art of painting. Chris restores a ...

  • Kameron’s Deep Dive

    Episode 5

    On the surface, Kameron is a cool and collected surfer; the steady tides of the ocean are reflective of his dependable work ethic. What lies beneath is a story to the bottom and back, where Kameron learned that the best version of his life is built on the back of hard work, life experience, and t...