Nina's Garden

Nina's Garden

9 Episodes

Nina Shirley is a lover of dirt and a local expert for everything it touches. In this hands-on series, Nina gets back to the basics of gardening with applicable tips and tricks anyone can adopt to live more sustainably.

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Nina's Garden
  • Building a Garden

    Episode 1

    Nina walks through the basics of gardening and explains what it takes to set yourself up for a successful season. From picking the right location to the benefits of raised beds, proper soil, and watering, Nina gives you the tools to start growing an abundance of food at home.

  • Tending a Garden

    Episode 2

    The reward for tending your garden well throughout the season is a beautiful harvest. Nina shares her tips for trellising, pruning, and making the most of mulch, plus a DIY hack for consistent irrigation and a delicious homegrown smoothie recipe.

  • Pest Control

    Episode 3

    There’s nothing more frustrating than investing time, energy and money into building a garden only to have pests move in and destroy your crop. Nina shares two ways to prevent pests in the beginning of the season and two ways to safely treat a problem should one arise.

  • Feeding Your Garden

    Episode 4

    As Nina says, the more you feed your soil, the more the soil will feed you. After years of trial and error, she knows what it takes to build healthy soil over time. The secret? Fertilizer and compost. Learn Nina’s three pillars for fertilizing your garden and creating an abundant harvest.

  • Greens & Herbs

    Episode 5

    Not only are greens and herbs the easiest plants to grow in your garden, but they can also be used to create countless dishes in the kitchen. Nina shares her tips for planting and harvesting her favorite greens, plus a recipe for a deliciously unique twist on pesto.

  • Raising Chickens

    Episode 6

    Nina’s advice for adding something meaningful to a basic homestead? Chickens! With seven grams of protein in each egg, chickens are an amazing asset for sustaining your family without doing any animal processing. Nina shares four quick tips for growing happy, healthy and productive chickens.

  • Eating Locally

    Episode 7

    If you’re not quite ready to set up a garden, there’s still a way to get that nutritional, fresh harvest flavor in your life: by shopping local. Take a trip to the farmer’s market with Nina and learn how to engage with local farmers, ask the right questions, and get started on your own growing jo...

  • Gardening with Kids

    Episode 8

    Gardening is generational knowledge, and Nina is passionate about passing it on. Join her, River, and a group of friends’ kids as they harvest the ingredients for verde salsa and bring it all together in the kitchen for a tasty treat!

  • Creating a Family Homestead

    Episode 9

    Nina heads to Nashville, Tennessee to help Christian music artist Francesca Battistelli and her husband Matt turn their 37-acre farm into a family homestead. Nina’s goal? To create a spectacular dream garden with a custom-built pergola, raised beds, a 25-foot berry trellis, a fruit orchard, and f...