3 Episodes

Statistics show that 35% of the world's population currently lives in rented apartments or multi-unit dwellings, and the number is growing. Interior designer Rebecca Robeson turns her design eye to the challenges of apartment life including small spaces, limited budgets and frequent moves. With paint swatches in hand, Rebecca takes on the task of designing 3 different apartments, offering tips and advice to empower you to live your style!

  • Scott's Chicago Apartment

    Episode 1

    Rebecca Robeson puts her interior design skills to the test when she gets an SOS call from her son Scott, who has just moved to a cool, downtown Chicago apartment. The challenge? She's got just a few days to buy all new furniture, paint, plan and accessorize an apartment the size of a matchbox.

  • Sharrah's Stylish Studio

    Episode 2

    Interior designer Rebecca Robeson helps her daughter, fashion blogger Sharrah Robeson, make the move from her spacious first apartment to a studio at the beach. See how Rebecca transforms a single room into a multi-purpose living space that serves as a beautiful bedroom, living room, entertainmen...

  • Daniel's Colorful Crib

    Episode 3

    Ever wondered who keeps Rebecca Robeson's pixie 'do on the cutting edge? Meet her creative and talented hair stylist Daniel. Together Rebecca and Daniel tour his latest apartment a la Robeson, which reuses many of the eclectic furnishings from his previous pads, but incorporates bold, fresh color...