Materials Matter

Materials Matter

5 Episodes

Join Salt Lake City interior designer, Anne-Marie Barton as she takes you on a journey through the home, advising where you should spend more and where you can cut back when updating, remodeling or starting new construction. From hunting down the perfect, large-scale marble slab for kitchen and bathroom countertops to selecting the smallest knob, drawer pull or handle, Anne-Marie inspires you to spend time focusing on the finer details that will last in your home. "Our homes tell the story of those who live there. It's our one chance to show who we really are and influence the way our families live," says Anne-Marie. "At the end of the day, every material matters."

Materials Matter
  • Wallpaper Matters

    Episode 1

    Do you cringe at the thought of wallpaper? Well, it's come a long way since the 1970s, and offers a quick option for adding color and fun to any space. Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton uses wallcoverings to create a special "surprise for the eye," especially in unexpected places like ceilings ...

  • Countertops Matter

    Episode 2

    Countertops are more than just an afterthought. We work on them, eat off them, and they represent some of the most vital surfaces in our homes. Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton likes to start with countertops and create an entire palette of ideas from there. Follow along as she walks you throu...

  • Fabrics Matter

    Episode 3

    Fabrics are one of the first design elements that interior designer Anne-Marie Barton uses to gauge what her clients like and to help decipher their design style. Watch as Anne-Marie gives you a tour of her own home and client projects, sharing her favorite fabric selections and the three element...

  • Cabinetry Hardware Matters

    Episode 4

    Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton introduces a design element with a lot of pull. Cabinetry hardware acts as the final signature on a piece of furniture and, just like choosing the perfect shoe to complete an outfit, there are lots of options and opportunities to get creative. Anne-Marie walks ...

  • Lighting Matters

    Episode 5

    Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton believes that decorative lighting is one of our greatest accessories. No other element in the home can provide warmth and create the same cozy atmosphere. Join Anne-Marie as she shares her own vintage-mixed-with-modern style through a variety of lighting source...