Making Spaces

Making Spaces

5 Episodes

Celebrity host Deus Xavier turns on the charm while bringing Pinterest-worthy design projects to life on the screen.

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Making Spaces
  • Cramped Condo Workspace

    Episode 1

    Contractor Deus Xavier finds himself in a bind when a friend asks him to build a home office in a condo that has zero extra room. With nowhere to go but up, quite literally, Deus crafts a lofty solution that involves the construction of a striking spiral staircase.

  • Kids' Nook Under the Stairs

    Episode 2

    Deus faces one of his toughest clients yet: a four-year-old in need of a dedicated playspace. The rub? The family lives in a track home with little to no extra space. Deus plays his wild card and tears out a built-in wall unit with the hope of finding extra room under a set of stairs. With a two-...

  • Kitchen Pantry Panic

    Episode 3

    Contractor Deux Xavier comes to the rescue of a friend who's up in arms over the lack of storage in her kitchen. He's committed to building her a pantry with all of her must-haves: function, accessibility and organization. There's a catch: he has to find a way to squeeze everything into 12 square...

  • Bedroom Storage Solution

    Episode 4

    Contractor Deus Xavier gets a call from his friend Heidi, who's completely out of storage space in her bedroom. She can't squeeze even one more thing into her jam-packed closets. The tiny bedroom leaves little wiggle room for conventional storage options, but Deus comes up with a genius idea that...

  • Secret Door Bookcase

    Episode 5

    Contractor Deux Xavier's friend Suzanna pitches him the idea of building new shelves in her family room. She has no place to display family photos and other mementos she's been saving. The challenge? The room has no bare walls, leaving Deus to devise an out-of-the-box bookcase that hides a big se...