Made It

Made It

6 Episodes

Made It follows the story of artisans and crafters taking the leap to turn passions like jewelry-making, knitting and creating art from a side hustle into a successful profession. Each episode you’ll meet the maker, step inside their studio, and discover their unique process for making a signature piece and bringing it to market.

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Made It
  • Vessels for Confidence

    Episode 1

    From a literal lump of clay, Lexi Petersen of Indiecords & Co. has created a thriving business that delights her fans with handmade, statement earrings. Follow her journey from side hustle to a bustling studio that “cranks out” Lexi’s unique and inspired designs, and watch as she turns colorful p...

  • A Common Thread

    Episode 2

    Mixed media artist Faith Humphrey Hill weaves tradition and tech into her unusual method for creating captivating portraits. From arts administrator to full time artist and founder of Dartily, learn how Faith developed her unique perspective, bringing subjects to life through a combination of exp...

  • The Art of Conservation

    Episode 3

    Lauren MacLeod’s Mermaid Trash started with $250 and a dream to support environmentalism through art. Find out how a walk on the beach inspired this mixed media maker and entrepreneur to build a successful business that reflects her love of the ocean and its aesthetic, and watch her step-by-step ...

  • Grit. Grace. Grind.

    Episode 4

    What first started as an upcycling hobby at the local farmer’s market for single mom Candice Luter has now grown into a successful retail collection of fiber art and home accents. Take a tour of Candice's thriving warehouse, meet her team of amazing women, and watch as she makes her signature pie...

  • Where Magic Happens

    Episode 5

    Follow the tale of Stephanie Osmundson and Loreal Hemenway, two school teachers pursuing their passion for design and décor to make magical spaces where children can learn. These besties built Happily Ever Elementary, a teachers’ resource for classroom décor and hands-on craftivities … and now th...

  • From Sticks and String

    Episode 6

    Known to his fans as the Knitting Bartender, fiber artist and knitter Keenan Goldsmith has a passion for creating craft cocktails and dapper English country-inspired sweaters. Find out how he turned a family tradition into a flourishing business and get inspired as Keenan walks you step-by-step t...