How to Style

How to Style

5 Episodes

Lauryn Evarts, also known as "The Skinny Confidential," wants to help make your home feel homier. With her signature bohemian-meets-glam style, Lauryn puts a whimsical spin on styling spaces and objects around the house.

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How to Style
  • How to Style the Perfect Coffee Table

    Episode 1

    What's the secret to a well-styled coffee table? Balance. Home style expert Lauryn Evarts reveals her tips and tricks for combining styles, textures, objects and colors to create a swoon-worthy coffee table.

  • How to Style a Vintage Bar Cart

    Episode 2

    How does Lauryn Evarts style her bar cart? With fab vintage flair! The Skinny Confidential favors a roll-around cart styled with color-coordinated spirits, mixers and bitters. What else is on her list of bar cart essentials? A vintage ice bucket, trendy coasters (a must have), and Champagne for t...

  • Dress Your Desk, Blogger-Style

    Episode 3

    Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts knows a thing or two when it comes to office organization. Not only that, she knows how to make it look good. In this episode Lauryn gives us a peek into her home office, where she manages the popular "Skinny Confidential" blog. What's on her list of office must-ha...

  • The Skinny Confidential's Breezy Bedside Table

    Episode 4

    Lauryn Evarts, a.k.a. the Skinny Confidential, doesn't skimp on style even when it comes to the small stuff, like her nightstand. See how Lauryn decorates her bedside table with intimate touches that include a marble tray, chic coasters, vintage family photos and a kitschy sleep mask. She also di...

  • The Skinny Confidential's Vintage Vanity

    Episode 5

    Lauryn Evarts had a friend paint her thrift-store vanity glossy black and then add touches of gold, and now we get to see how she styles it. Her favorite accessories include lucite organizers, an ornate white mirror and a unique vintage lipstick stand. Lauryn adds her own playful touches to compl...