Good to Know

Good to Know

5 Episodes

Lifestyle bloggers Geri Hirsch of "Because I'm Addicted" and Erin Falconer of "Pick The Brain," together known as the dynamic duo behind LEAF TV, pair up to bring you their favorite tried and tested home hacks, tips and tricks.

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Good to Know
  • Natural Ways to Make Your House Smell Good

    Episode 1

    An inviting house should look good, feel good and smell good. LEAF TV's Geri Hirsch and Erin Falconer have five simple DIY tricks to make your house smell fresh throughout using natural objects such as citrus fruits and essential oils.There's even a surprise tip about vanilla extract + light bulb...

  • Five Cocktail Hacks

    Episode 2

    The girls from LEAFtv have done it again! In this episode of #GTK, Erin Falconer and Geri Hirsch share 5 super-simple cocktail hacks. Say byebye to your last watered down cocktail, warm glass of white wine and boring drink mixers. Cheers!

  • Bump Up Your Workspace

    Episode 3

    Your desk should never be dull, dirty or disorganized. Easier said than done, right? Not this time! The girls from LEAFtv have a refresher course to enhance your workspace with 5 simple steps. They've come up with clever ways to clear paper clutter, disguise messy cords, decorate your desk and dr...

  • Five Floral Fixes

    Episode 4

    Fresh flowers are a treat to have around the house . . . until they aren't anymore. Our heroes from LEAFtv are on the scene with five great floral hacks to make you feel like a superstar when it comes to decorating with flowers. No more blooms that go brown too soon, sad droopy flowers or wonky b...

  • Eco-chic Spring Clean

    Episode 5

    No matter what they're up to, Geri and Erin from LEAFtv get it right every single time. That includes spring cleaning, which just got fun thanks to these two. That's right, we said fun! This fab duo has three all-natural cleaning solutions you can whip up in your kitchen, including a recipe for a...