Flip U

Flip U

6 Episodes

Platinum-selling musicians, Jennifer Wayne and Brad Rempel are your favorite new professors at “Flip U” or Flip University, where these Nashville stars team up to help flipping hopefuls ace the test and turn a profit in the Country Music Capitol.

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Flip U
  • Meet the Flippers

    Episode 1

    Class is officially in session as Brad and Jennifer head to three very different sites to meet their student flippers and learn the scope of their projects. From Tarryn's unique country escape in the city and Evan's mid-century modern renovation to Eric's total townhome overhaul, there's plenty o...

  • Demo and Drywall

    Episode 2

    Before taking the class on a much-needed field trip, Brad and Jennifer drop in to check each flipper's progress. Eric has successfully secured his purchase and nearly filled his demolition dumpster, Tarryn has moved in and painted several rooms, and Evan's space is taking shape with newly install...

  • Doughnuts and Decisions

    Episode 3

    Brad and Jennifer introduce the class to Ashley, a color specialist from Glidden, who learns more about their style and personalities through a fun and delicious doughnut game. Based on the doughnut each flipper chooses (and a subsequent walkthrough of their projects), Ashley helps them make some...

  • Who's Got the Grit?

    Episode 4

    Each home is quickly taking shape as HVAC systems are installed, cabinetry is delivered, and the class is hard at work. Brad and Jennifer stop by each site to see if the flippers have successfully completed their last homework assignment: show some grit by taking on a DIY project that they can do...

  • Finishing Touches

    Episode 5

    Graduation looms near, and the flippers are hard at work putting the finishing touches on each home. From a creative kitchen backsplash (born out of a mistake) to bold and unexpected wallcoverings, Brad and Jen are excited to see where each project stands as they visit for the last time before th...

  • A "Flip U" Graduation

    Episode 6

    Toasts are in order as the classmates unveil their spectacular finished homes in a final review with Brad and Jennifer. With each reveal, the flippers share their future plans and whether they will rent, sell or stay in their homes. It's A's all around for the first Flip U graduating class as the...