Fearless DIY

Fearless DIY

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DIY guru Mandi Gubler, the face and creative hands behind the "Vintage Revivals" blog, takes a make-no-apologies approach to styling a space. Her reason? "I believe that your house should look like you and no one else." In Fearless DIY Mandi shares ideas to transform any living space through unique DIY wall art, furniture makeovers, lighting and more. With her can-do attitude, Mandi promises that if she can accomplish these projects, you can too!

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Fearless DIY
  • Tumbling Block Headboard

    Episode 1

    The world is your geometric oyster, says DIY darling Mandi Gubler. And she's here to prove it. In this episode Mandi takes you step-by-step through the process of building a 3D tumbling block headboard from natural cedar. Make a modern statement piece for your bedroom using this as your template.

  • Pillow Fest

    Episode 2

    Watch as Mandi Gubler takes her sewing machine to task to craft three different styles of pillows. This project, with frayed and fringed leather, duck cloth and a kaleidoscope of color, goes straight to our DIY hearts. Watch now for Mandi's easy-to-follow tutorial. You'll be stitching your way to...

  • Copper Sling Coffee Table

    Episode 3

    Need convincing that you can - and should - build your own coffee table? Take Mandi Gubler's word: whether you're an expert builder or first-time DIYer, you can master this copper sling coffee table tutorial like a DIY champ. The total budget clocks in under $150, and the table is customizable to...

  • Geometric Brass Lamp

    Episode 4

    Mandi Gubler sums up this himmeli lamp in one word: showstopper. It's stunning enough to stop your guests in their tracks, but easy enough to construct in an afternoon. Seriously. If you can make a fruit loop necklace with yarn, you can make this light. Watch now to see why this lamp is one of Ma...

  • A-Frame Ladder Shelves

    Episode 5

    Mandi Gubler has a DIY solution for everything. Here she builds floor-to-ceiling shelving based on the ladder shelf look that never seems to go out of style. The key to this project is duplication: learn the basic steps, then repeat to make a second and third set. You'll have Mandi there to cheer...