Farm to Table

Farm to Table

6 Episodes

Nina Shirley is a lover of dirt and a local expert for everything it touches. From raising chickens and cows, growing their own food, and jamming the leftovers to share with others, Nina and her husband embody what it means to create a truly sustainable home. Every episode begins with Nina at the farm and follows her business as she shares her garden knowledge with all of South Florida, rendering some incredible reveals (and harvests!) along the way.

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Farm to Table
  • Welcome to the Farm

    Episode 1

    Meet Nina and Brendon, a couple with a zest for life who swapped sound checks for soil and left life on the road to pursue life on a farm. Get to know this unforgettable family and break ground with the Shirleys as they lay the foundation to transform one plot of ragged land into a farmstead sanc...

  • Good Soil

    Episode 2

    Nina and Brendon expand their tribe with new (tiny) members. As plants take root, it’s time for hands to get dirty as Nina unearths the wonders of good soil. Then, clean up the scraps as Brendon builds a one-of-a-kind compost. Learn how to generate a good harvest end to end, and bring the fruits ...

  • A Season for Everything

    Episode 3

    From sowing to reaping, everything Nina and Brendon do is connected to the rhythm of the seasons. By obeying the laws of nature, working with the earth’s cadence instead of against it, a harvest is more bountiful, nourishing, and delicious. Every season comes with simple lessons and brings along ...

  • Fields not Factories

    Episode 4

    Searching for a renewed perspective on what’s important in life? Look no further than nature. Nina proves that citrus trees teach us valuable things about seasons and relationships. Over a roaring fire, the Shirleys, their dogs and friends gather together for a Sri Lanken feast that proves there’...

  • After the Rain

    Episode 5

    Farm life is Nina’s lifelong dream, but isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes, it’s about rolling up the sleeves to keep up with the dirty work and other times, unexpected curveballs can turn life at the farm upside down in an instant. From caring for animals to caring for each other, Nina and Brendo...

  • The Joy of Sharing

    Episode 6

    As the Shirley family farm continues to grow, so does the community it celebrates. Nina’s mega-garden, with a large gathering table at its heart, provides a bounty of delicious food as well as a sense of connection and heritage. For the thrifty gardener, Nina shares a special family recipe that e...