Easy Entertaining with Style

Easy Entertaining with Style

5 Episodes

Claire Thomas knows good food. A self-professed foodie and author of the popular "Kitchy Kitchen" blog, Claire has the inside scoop for hosting an event with style and ease. Her secret? Keep it simple, chic and delicious. Cheers!

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Easy Entertaining with Style
  • DIY Margarita Bar

    Episode 1

    Claire Thomas from the Kitchy Kitchen serves up a win-win solution for hosting a party without having to serve double-duty as your own bartender: a DIY margarita bar! Yes, you can be the hostess with the mostess and let the bar tend itself. Claire shares three of her favorite margarita recipes th...

  • Rainbow Crudités

    Episode 2

    Claire Thomas from Kitchy Kitchen swears by three rules when it comes to entertaining: pick foods that are visually beautiful, easy to make, and follow the 3-to-1 rule. What's the 3-to-1 rule? It's Claire's insider tip for easy hosting. Watch this episode to find out what that secret is as Claire...

  • Sangria to Savor

    Episode 3

    Claire Thomas from the Kitchy Kitchen sets out to demystify the process for making your own sangria. Why sangria? It's easy to whip up, you can make it ahead of time, and it's a beautiful beverage to serve to your guests. When it comes to sangria, Claire says it's all about tying the visuals to t...

  • Anatomy of a Cheese Board

    Episode 4

    Say cheese! Claire Thomas pulls together a rustic, beautiful cheese board that's sure to please party guests. This girl knows her cheeses, and you'll love her tips for pairing them with cured meats, fruits (hello roasted grapes!), briny bites, sweet preserves and crunchy nibbles to create the ult...

  • Fabulous Floral Spritzers

    Episode 5

    Claire Thomas of the Kitchy Kitchen has a good sense of taste - and humor - when it comes to one of her fave beverages: wine spritzers. Follow along as she makes three festive recipes for refreshing, crisp cocktails. Her recipes include a pear-lavender spritzer with Sauvignon blanc, a rosé sprit...