Dream Room in a Day: Season 5

Dream Room in a Day: Season 5

5 Seasons

Only have 24 hours and a big idea? Expert DIYer Philip or Flop helps homeowners transform a neglected space into a thriving sanctuary - and all he needs is a day! No need for a massive demolition, watch as Philip reshapes spaces in record speed, with innovation and a little elbow grease. From home offices to living rooms, say “goodbye” to old and “hello” to beautiful design!

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Dream Room in a Day: Season 5
  • Entrepreneur Epiphany

    Episode 1

    Caroline is a well-known jewelry maker and business owner in the local area, but her dysfunctional work space is limiting the company’s growth. Caroline needs a space that she can not only work in, but be proud of when customers stop by. Lindsey has a few tricks up her sleeve to help both organiz...

  • Surf Chic

    Episode 2

    Lisa purchased this oceanside fixer-upper about a year ago, and with an eye for design, has been renovating it step by step ever since. Now, it’s become a surf haven for her entire family! But with visitors coming to the beach, this high-perched guest room has gotten no love. Lindsey shocks Lisa ...

  • 20/20 Vision

    Episode 3

    Dr. Bonnie is a local eye doctor who has been giving back to the community for years - offering free eye exams and consultations to community members who have fallen on hard times. Now, it’s time to give back to her. Lindsey is teaming up with local designer Maggie Pinson to tag-team this over-th...

  • White and Bright

    Episode 4

    Holly is desperate for a crisp, monochromatic white bedroom, but with two active boys, two dogs, and a husband, her dreams have been outnumbered and her walls are looking more yellow than white. Lindsey intercepts Holly with big ideas for making this bedroom a spot for tranquility, not turmoil.

  • Hand-Me-Don’ts

    Episode 5

    New homeowners are magnets for family hand-me-downs, but how much is too much? Young couple Chris and Micaela Camp are in for a big surprise as Lindsey takes their forgotten hodgepodge dining room to new heights with a feel that finally reflects their coastal farmhouse style.

  • All Hands on Deck

    Episode 6

    It’s all in the family as Lindsey drops in on her dad’s local property, which he’s in the process of flipping – and it’s certainly a work in progress. Dad is enthusiastic, but Mom wants nothing to do with it. Lindsey has a theory that if she can get her mother to start enjoying the exterior space...