Dramatic Designs

Dramatic Designs

2 Seasons

Actress and designer Kimberlin Brown has been on some of the most amazing sets and designed some of the most beautiful interiors. There's no job too big for her to handle. Join Kimberlin as she guides you through some of her favorite (and most challenging) projects, showing you everything from space planning to the final installation, and sharing tips of the trade for creating your own Dramatic Designs!

Dramatic Designs
  • Hair Lounge

    Episode 1

    Interior designer Kimberlin Brown kicks off her second season with a project on the cutting-edge: the Hair Lounge in Fallbrook, California. Follow the inspiration, hard work and behind-the-scenes drama that comes with turning a historic, early 1900's building into a fabulous, industrial chic salo...

  • Hair Lounge, Act 2

    Episode 2

    With a space plan in place, Kimberlin goes on the hunt for furniture and flooring that will set the tone for a fabulous, industrial chic salon. Take a trip as she shops for artwork, accents and a special furniture piece to add the perfect pop of signature color. With samples in hand, Kimberlin me...

  • Hair Lounge, Act 3

    Episode 3

    From floors that need leveling to walls that aren't square, the challenges of updating a historic, early 1900's building keep Kimberlin and her team on the move. Starting with all new flooring and multiple textures on the walls, Kimberlin goes to work on this labor of love. She even employs her c...

  • Hair Lounge, Act 4

    Episode 4

    Time is running out as the grand opening of the Hair Lounge draws near. Kimberlin and her team roll up their sleeves and tackle the installation of windows, mirrors, countertops and furnishings as the salon starts to take shape. A surprise "salon warming" brings friends and co-workers together to...

  • Hair Lounge, The Final Act

    Episode 5

    Kimberlin's deadline has arrived! In only two month's time, she has turned a historic, early 1900's building into a fabulous, industrial chic salon. Join Kimberlin for some last-minute drama and a tour of the completed Hair Lounge, providing new owner Tami the perfect balance of style, fashion an...