DIY House Call

DIY House Call

7 Episodes

Kelly Edwards is no stranger to design and home improvement. On DIY House Call Kelly teams up with several popular online celebrities not only to transform their spaces, but to teach them the ropes when it comes to working with power tools, making design decisions, and creating a space that is both functional and attractive. Watch as Kelly treats each guest to a surprise reveal showcasing their own work.

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DIY House Call
  • Sharzad Kiadeh's Multifunctional Workspace

    Episode 1

    House call! When lovely lifestyle blogger, YouTube star and work-at-home-mom Sharzad Kiadeh decides it's time to move her workspace out of her bedroom and into the main part of her house, she calls on DIY design expert Kelly Edwards for help. Watch as Kelly teaches Sharzad to wield a nail gun and...

  • Melanie Ham's Patio Oasis

    Episode 2

    Melanie Ham has made a name for herself on the Internet as a quilting crafter. Although her sewing machine requires her to work indoors, Melanie is ready to spend time outside with her family. The only issue? Her backyard needs some TLC. Kelly Edwards comes to the rescue with a plan for a potted ...

  • Lindsay Albanese's Dining Room Transformation

    Episode 3

    Style expert and vlogger Lindsay Albanese desperately wants to reinvent the dining room in her apartment. She calls on DIY expert Kelly Edwards to help, and Kelly has the perfect idea to transform the whole space without breaking any rental rules: a floating floor. Wielding a utility knife and a ...

  • Geri Hirsch's Dream Deck

    Episode 4

    Lifestyle blogger Geri Hirsch and her fiance just moved into their dream house. The back deck offers stunning views of the cityscape around them, but the deck itself - not so stunning. Geri calls on Kelly Edwards to help construct a pair of rolling planter boxes for fresh flowers and herbs. Once ...

  • Jeannie Mai's Rustic-Luxe Bathroom Makeover

    Episode 5

    Style expert Jeannie Mai despises her current "dungeon bathroom" so much that she simply refuses to use it. This dark, dated room doesn't jive with the rustic-luxe look of the rest of the house. Jeannie calls on DIY guru Kelly Edwards and says it's time for this room to go. Together they tear out...

  • Kayley Melissa's Modern Workspace Makeover

    Episode 6

    Kayley Melissa knows good hair. As a YouTube vlogger famous for her detailed hair tutorials, Kayley spends a lot of time in her home office/film studio. However, her office is begging for a makeover that lends itself to better organization and offers a more attractive background for video product...

  • Angel Laketa Moore's Front Yard Facelift

    Episode 7

    Angel Laketa Moore, affectionately known as "That Chick Angel," has an extensive resumé that includes actress, standup comedian, YouTube star, graduate student, loving wife, and mom of three (including newborn twins!). After spending a day with Kelly Edwards to revamp her front yard, Angel can ad...