Design Science

Design Science

10 Episodes

At the heart of every great design is science, and expert Julie Couch is sharing the tried and true calculations that take the guesswork out of how to design your home. She’ll explore the systematic secrets that lead to guaranteed gorgeous results every time. With the right measurements and formulas, she’ll prove that sensational design is more than an art – it’s a science!

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Design Science
  • The Basic Equation

    Episode 1

    Julie breaks down the basic equation for taking the stress out of design, and the X factor is functionality. How do you want to live in your home? From creating zones to determining colors, selecting amenities and calculating budgets, she’ll put home design under the microscope and guide you thro...

  • The Laws of Lighting

    Episode 2

    Julie celebrates one of the most functional design tools in the home: the lightbulb. Great lighting not only complements beautiful design, but can also impact your mood and overall mental health. She’ll share bright ideas for creating an overall master lighting plan, explain the different types o...

  • Couch’s Color Theory

    Episode 3

    Did you know that the color of your home can affect your emotional state? Julie introduces chromatics, or the science of color, and reveals how it informs our spaces and evokes specific feelings. From employing soothing pastels in a baby’s room to creating drama and elegance with darker hues, Jul...

  • Transformative Textiles

    Episode 4

    Julie takes on the “soft science” of transforming spaces by mixing and layering textiles, a secret formula that can take any space from drab to fabulous. Did you know that curtains and rugs can trick the eye to make a room appear larger or smaller? Check out Julie’s tips for the proper height to ...

  • The Geometry of Kitchens

    Episode 5

    Julie attributes successful kitchen design to a single shape: the triangle. With one simple formula, she’ll show you how to create the most functional and efficient workflow between the sink, refrigerator and stove. Want more? Check out Julie’s tips for selecting lighting, cabinets, countertops a...

  • Creating a Big Bang in the Bedroom

    Episode 6

    Julie covers all of the elements for the perfect bedroom escape. From space planning and setting the tone to incorporating color theory and textiles, she’ll break down the formula for total rest and relaxation. Discover which measurements matter, how many pillows you really need, and Julie’s tips...

  • The Bathroom Paradigm

    Episode 7

    Did you know that the average person spends three years over the course of their lifetime in the bathroom? Julie breaks down the science for designing successful primary, kids and powder baths, and it all begins with plenty of lighting, proper storage, quality materials, plus the one defining des...

  • The Formula for Outdoor Spaces

    Episode 8

    Not every beautiful living space is indoors. Julie applies her favorite formulas for design to porches, patios, pools and cabanas, bringing all of the comforts of the indoors outside. She’ll break down the materials, measurements and methodology for creating lounging, dining, cooking, and enterta...

  • Small Space Energy

    Episode 9

    Did you know that the smallest room in your home can often make the biggest impression? Julie shares her theory of bite-sized elegance, or creating high drama in the smallest, most unexpected spaces. Whether it’s a powder room, mudroom, or even a pantry, the right use of colors, fabrics, wallcove...

  • The Principles of Space Planning

    Episode 10

    Julie solves the equation for dividing open floorplans into cozy, clear and functional spaces that will maximize how you live in your home. She’ll show you how to connect your living, dining, and kitchen areas through common design elements like textiles and lighting, while creating separation an...