2 Episodes

Follow talented artists as they tackle a commissioned artwork piece with design in mind. From abstract acrylic works to intricate encaustics, each episode will showcase the authentic and detailed process of painting, before a piece of artwork is placed in a client's home. Take the mystery out of the artwork and learn just how artists refine their work to accommodate unique interiors.

  • What's Old is New Again

    Episode 1

    Miha Sarani is a visual artist who addresses cyclical occurrences throughout history to build masterpieces he considers post-modern art. Miha aims to add dynamic energy with each piece he creates...with this new commission, anything is possible!

  • Life Imitates Art

    Episode 2

    Mimi Kvinge is a self-taught illustrator, painter, and muralist based out of Seattle, WA. Through acrylic, watercolor, and ink, Mimi captures nature in a powerful and colorful style. Watch as Mimi completes a large nature mural to match the environment which has always inspired her.