Buying Back Home: Season 2

Buying Back Home: Season 2

2 Seasons

All over America, millennials are saying goodbye to the big city in favor of moving back to the familiar surroundings of their hometown. Buying Back Home follows couples as they return to their roots to weigh their home-buying options and reveal which house they'll call home.

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Buying Back Home: Season 2
  • Bethel Beckons

    Episode 1

    Ashley and DJ are ready to leave their small Ridgefield condo behind in search of a new home that affords them more space, a yard for their puppy to roam, and a quaint, small town environment perfect for starting a family. DJ’s hometown of Bethel, Connecticut feels like the answer, but can they f...

  • Return to River Vale

    Episode 2

    Single mom and working professional, Rachel is packing up her apartment and returning to her hometown of River Vale, New Jersey. This family-oriented town surrounded by nature is just the kind of place where she wants to raise her kids and become part of a close-knit community. Will Rachel find t...

  • Growing with Greenwich

    Episode 3

    Katie’s hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut has always been warm and friendly, but now offers better shopping, more restaurants and a transformed downtown – an enticing combination for Katie and her husband. Currently living in New York City, this couple is excited to reconnect with family and emb...

  • Charmed by Chatham

    Episode 4

    Nicole and Cassie are recently married and ready to trade their cramped New York City apartment for a home where they can put down roots. Drawn to the quintessential charm of Nicole’s hometown of Chatham, New York, this couple is even considering a house that once belonged to her great grandparen...

  • Beginnings in Bethel

    Episode 5

    Jenn and Nick were both raised in Bethel, Connecticut, a cozy small town with a storybook feel. Childhood friends, now married for five years with two kids, this hometown couple is excited to leave behind their fixer upper for a forever home that provides more family and outdoor entertaining spac...

  • Getting Back to Garden City

    Episode 6

    New parents Dan and Elise are saying goodbye to New York City and moving to Elise’s hometown of Garden City, New York. Known for its parks and family-oriented community, Garden City holds special memories that Elise would love to share with her growing family. While Dan watches baby William, Elis...