Becoming Borderless

Becoming Borderless

4 Episodes

​Becoming Borderless is a story of adventure, exploration, and discovery. Newlyweds Adam and Destiny sold their home, bought a bus, renovated it, and have changed their lives forever.

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Becoming Borderless
  • Stuck in Life

    Episode 1

    Meet the Borderless clan! Adam, Destiny and Brew. These former house-fixers sold everything and moved into their rehabbed bus to live a life without limits. But is full-time travel everything they hoped it would be? Watch as Adam & Destiny experience their first few weeks on the road, and the...

  • Don't Kill My Vibe

    Episode 2

    ​The Borderless clan settles into bus life and heads west! After inspiring stops in Texas and New Mexico leave the couple feeling extra grateful for their journey, wear and tear catches up to the bus and they’re faced with a worst-case scenario. Can Adam & Destiny fix the bus and carry on in ...

  • Over Bus Life While Overseas

    Episode 3

    After a full engine repair in New Mexico, the Borderless bus is off … only to breakdown again six hundred miles later. The timing couldn’t have been better, though, because Adam & Destiny are headed overseas for two weeks of film work, which leaves plenty of time for more repairs to be made o...

  • It's the Journey, Not the Destination

    Episode 4

    Installing three new engines in three months has led Adam and Destiny to a tough conversation. Should they start from scratch and build a new bus? Or can they somehow find a way to fix the original bus and forge on in their road trip? No matter which path they choose, the Borderless clan is about...