Ask a Designer

Ask a Designer

2 Seasons

You've got questions, they've got answers. Ask a Designer gets candid with some of the biggest names in interior design and no topic is off limits. In season 2, watch as industry vets like Drew McGukin, Anne-Marie Barton, Kelli Ellis, Craig Olsen, and Donna Moss open up about how their style has (or hasn't) evolved over the years, discuss their go-to materials, share their favorite ways to unexpectedly use furniture, and more!

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Ask a Designer
  • Staying Power

    Episode 1

    Ever wondered how top interior designers cultivate their sense of style? The first episode of season two is a peek into the style arsenal of some of the country's top interior designers. Watch as our design A-listers get candid about how their style has (or hasn't!) evolved throughout their caree...

  • Design 101

    Episode 2

    This episode is all about the essentials! Our design panel unveils the materials they can't live without, the color palettes they gravitate towards, and the trends they see sticking around for the long haul. So who loves mohair and who prefers plaster? Who goes for neutrals and who pops in color?...

  • Defying Convention

    Episode 3

    It's true! Even the pros break traditional design rules. In this episode, the designers get candid about the design commandments they disregard, and unveil the fun and unconventional ways they use standard furniture pieces (hint: There's a great way to put a garden bench to use indoors!). Plus, f...

  • Bright Ideas

    Episode 4

    This episode kicks off with a Q&A about one of the most important elements of room design: lighting. Find out when it pays to make a bold statement with light, which designer uses lighting as a jumping off point for a whole space, and why one designer just says "no" to can lighting. Plus, the des...