Ask a Designer

Ask a Designer

2 Seasons

You've got questions, they've got answers. Ask a Designer gets candid with some of the biggest names in interior design and no topic is off limits. In season 2, watch as industry vets like Drew McGukin, Anne-Marie Barton, Kelli Ellis, Craig Olsen, and Donna Moss open up about how their style has (or hasn't) evolved over the years, discuss their go-to materials, share their favorite ways to unexpectedly use furniture, and more!

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Ask a Designer
  • Style Profile

    Episode 1

    Interior designers spend their days turning their clients' houses into dream homes. But what happens when a designer is left to his own devices without a client to guide the process? Ask a Designer turns the table on pros like Jason Oliver Nixon, Keith Baltimore, Kelli Ellis, Barrie Livingstone, ...

  • Fact or Fiction?

    Episode 2

    Is hiring a designer really only something the wealthy can afford? How do designers know what their clients want? Can designers work around things their clients already own? In the second episode of Ask a Designer, our pro-panel of designers like Rebecca Robeson, Kelli Ellis, Keith Baltimore and ...

  • Challenge Accepted

    Episode 3

    Think you've got a challenging design problem or outlandish request? From a hidden room used to store a valuable collection, to an underground bunker that was to be both sophisticated and completely round, to a client who turned four bedrooms into a single closet, our designer panel will inspire ...