9 by Novogratz: How We Live

9 by Novogratz: How We Live

5 Episodes

Everyone's favorite design family of nine is back, this time to take you inside their posh Los Angeles family pad. Join Bob and Cortney Novogratz as they invite you inside their West Coast home to explore their signature fun and functional approach to home design. They also teach you how to create stylish and wildly original rooms for kids of all ages.

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9 by Novogratz: How We Live
  • Breaking the Rules

    Episode 1

    Where do Bob and Cortney Novogratz and their 7 kiddos set up shop for their family workspace? None other than the dining room, of course! Leave it to this brilliantly creative bunch to devise an untraditional space where the entire family can work, plan, play and do homework together. The Novogra...

  • Twin Sister Suite

    Episode 2

    What happens when 7 kids are all under one roof? They may have to share bedrooms. Twin teenage girls Bellamy and Tallulah Novogratz know all about it: they've shared a bedroom their entire lives. Mom Cortney takes us inside the girls' room to chat co-existing and commingling styles. See how these...

  • Art of the House

    Episode 3

    Cortney and Bob Novogratz have spent years building their diverse art collection. Their walls are lined with photography, oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media and more sourced from all over the world. Bob Novogratz offers useful advice for displaying artwork: placement, framed vs unframed, and...

  • Bedroom for Big Brothers

    Episode 4

    When Breaker and Wolfgang Novogratz, the oldest boys in this fun family of nine, were given the choice of two bedrooms in the family's LA pad, the pair chose to room together instead. They put the second bedroom to use as a music room, complete with a groovy blue piano. See how these brothers coe...

  • 'N' is for Novogratz

    Episode 5

    Cortney Novogratz says you should LIVE in your house. It's not a museum! And that's exactly what this fab family of 9 does, especially when it comes to the family room. In this episode we see where the Novogratz hang out together as one big bunch. Cortney shares ideas to stylishly stow kids' toys...